Step 1

This is how the chair will arrive to you – in straightforward pieces, packed compactly.

To start, sort and line up the pieces according to length. You should have seven different lengths of wood and three ropes – two short and one long one, ahead of you. From here it is easy to start assembling the chair.

These wood pieces “stitch” together with the hemp ropes provided. See in the following steps and in the instructions leaflet in the package for the exact instructions how the pieces interlink. The idea is that the backrest and the seat sections cross to form a deckchair shape, joined by the eleven short pieces, which help to create the comfortable bend to the seat section.

Step 2

Start with the backrest section, laying the parts for the upright feet ( two longest pieces with rounded tips) and the backrest pieces of the chair flat on the floor like in this picture. Note that at the top of the backrest all pieces should have two holes. Also arrange the 11 short pieces between each of the backrest pieces, as in the picture.

Make sure the order of the various lengths matches the picture. You can find the lengths of the pieces, and where each length belongs, on the assembly leaflet in the chair package.

Then use one of the shorter hemp ropes to tie the top of the backrest together, pushing the rope through first one of all the two holes in the tips of each piece, and then return the rope through the holes on the other side to form a loop. Tie the ends of the rope together tightly, but make sure the knot is easy to open later for re-tightening.

Follow by combining the 11 shortest pieces from one end to the bottom of the back rest pieces with the long hemp rope, as shown in the picture. Leave the other ends of the 11 short pieces still loose and lift each short piece upright, ready for the seat section to be joined.

Step 3

Next, assemble the seat section on top of the backrest section, between each of the 11 short pieces standing upright, seat tip pointing to the same direction as the backrest top (Note: the seat tip end of each piece has two holes).Again, make sure that the lengths are in the same order as in the assembly leaflet.

Now join the seat section of the chair to the loose ends of the eleven short pieces, by returning the same long rope through the other ends of the eleven pieces and the seat section, forming a loop. Tie the ends of the long rope together tightly; do a knot that is easy to open later for re-tightening.

Then tie the tip of the seat together with the last remaining short hemp rope, again forming a loop through the hole pairs in the wood.

Last but not least, lift chair upright, pull the seat and backrest tips apart, and voilà! Here is your chair. Make sure that the ropes are tight and that the shortest pieces of the backrest section are resting exactly on the hind legs of the chair. This is to make sure the chair is stable.

Step 4

This is how the readily assembled chair looks like, and is now ready for relaxation!

When you want to fold the chair, just pull the seat and backrest tips together, while lifting the chair upwards.

As you can see from the two pictures below, the seat and backrest pieces can be made to align in two ways, making the chair either recline more, or be more upright. Adjust this by lifting the seat tip upward, while lifting the backrest tip with your other hand.