Any wood products in outdoor use need protection from the elements to maximise their life and ensure they look their best.

Larch, which has natural weather-proof qualities, will look fresher for longer if assisted with a drop of oil. We recommend re-touching with oil or stain approximately once a year. However if you are after the stylishly greying look that larch obtains without oiling, then Larch can be left untreated.

We recommend using natural furniture oil for outdoor purposes to treat the surface of our products before the summer season. NorDeck chairs and tables are easy to take apart by removing the ropes. This allows a thorough touch-up with oil before the garden season, accessing every nook and cranny.

Some of the stained pine products may initially let some off colour, so be careful with your clothes. This will sort itself out in time, but if you want, you can seal the surface with sealing oil, or just wipe the surface of the chair lightly with a damp cloth prior to first use.

Tightening Ropes

The hemp ropes and the knots will loosen up in use over time, and hence it is important that you remember to tighten the ropes regularly. This prevents the chair from becoming unstable. It is important that the shortest pieces of wood in the backrest section are resting on the hind legs of the chair at all times when used. If the ropes are loose, this might not happen. When tying the knots, a good tip is to use a knot that can be easily undone when necessary. Over time, replace the hemp ropes if need be (NordEco Style can supply you with a replacement rope).


NorDeck chairs fold flat to make the storage of the chair easy and compact. It is easy to hang from hooks on a wall to free up floor space in your shed or garage. The chair can also be stored disassembled to save even more space. Just keep the original packaging to have a handy storage box. We recommend that you keep the chairs in a shed or covered shelter for the winter months, just like any other garden furniture.