logoThe supplier for our product range is a Finnish-Estonian company EcoFurn. After being impressed by the NorDeck Chair at their stall at a summer market in Finland, we began to investigate the opportunity to bring these chairs to the UK market.

EcoFurn is behind the metal free chair concept that adapts to the user physique and gives an extremely comfortable use experience. The owners of EcoFurn were also frustrated at the plentiful supply of endangered rainforest hardwood garden furniture in the middle of plentiful and northern European forests growing faster than they are being utilised.

The chairs are manufactured in EcoFurn’s factory in Estonia, from where NordEco Style ships them directly to UK. With the exeption of larch, timber for the NorDeck products is sourced from Estonia. Birch and alder wood used are actually sourced from EcoFurn’s own forest near the factory. Larch used is sourced from Russia.

EcoFurn has sold these products in Finland and Sweden for several years now, and they have been very popular in the nature loving, style conscious Nordic countries. We reckoned the garden-mad Britons would be interested as well and cooperated with EcoFurn to offer the NorDeck range in Britain.

NordEco Style Ltd is the sole importer of the NorDeck range to mainland UK and Ireland.

NorDeck ™ of NordEco Style.