Larch Stage 1 – new NorDeck larch chair.

The light shade Siberian larch goes through the same natural ageing process as any wood, when exposed to the elements. Larch can be left unsealed to progress naturally onto stage 2, or sealed with oil to keep the light wood colour for a longer period of time. Note that sealing can only slow down the weathering. In the UK, larch is used for outdoor cladding, commonly without any sealing.

Larch Stage 2 – weathered NorDeck larch chair.

Over the course of time, larch weathers and will turn silvery grey in shade just like any wood. Where unsealed larch differs is that it can withstand weathering without rotting for longer than most wood types due to its naturally oily structure. This is why larch can be left unsealed while outdoors, although it too benefits from being stored away from the elements over winter. If you prefer a low maintenance option amongst our NorDeck products, we recommend larch as your wood of choice.